Hardwood Floor Installation in Leander TX

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Why Choose Hardwood Floor Installation by Arnold Custom?

Making decisions about your home can be challenging. A decision as trivial as the type of floor you want to install may not seem like a big deal, but decisions like these can be the difference in living in your dream home or a house of horrors. 

For many homeowners, the decision to begin a hardwood floor installation project is a very clear and easy road to take. 

Hardwood floors have captured the hearts of designers, decorators and homeowners alike over the years by proving that they never go out of style and match nearly any decorating style or color scheme. 

There are hundreds of color options and many textures to choose from with hardwood floors, and boards can be stained and refinished several different ways.

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Hardwood Floors Can Last a Lifetime

Other than appearances, another huge selling point to hardwood flooring is how durable and easy to care for it is. Wooden floors are incredibly durable and can last for hundreds of years if cared for correctly. 

Homeowners are encouraged to apply a maintenance coat to hardwood floors every 5 or so years to keep their floors shiny and strong. Keeping up with your floors and doing maintenance coats will result in not having to refinish or sand floors for 20 or more years! 

Hardwood is very easy to clean and only requires a few items to keep it looking great. The only supplies needed to clean hardwood floors are a dust mop and basic wood floor cleaning solution.

In addition to hardwood floors being stylish, durable, and easy to care for, hardwood floors have proven to be a great move financially. 

Homeowners love having hardwood flooring because if they ever decide to sell their home having hardwood floors increases the market value of a house and appeals to more potential buyers- who want’s to move into lived on carpet? Yuck! 

Homeowners who don’t plan on moving also gain a few financial benefits when they decide to choose hardwood floors. Because hardwood is so strong it’s very rare that these floors need to be replaced. Carpet, linoleum, vinyllaminate and tile are all throw away floors. 

Every few decades hardwood floors can be sanded and refinished instead of completely demolished which saves homeowners a lot of money over time. On the off chance that something damages your hardwood floor, individual boards can be easily replaced without disturbing the rest of your groundwork.

Consider the Health Benefits of Hardwood Floors

One of the last major reasons a hardwood floor installation may be a great option in your home is because wood floors are very family friendly! 

Doctors recommend homes with hardwood floors for children and adults who suffer from asthma or allergies. Unlike some other floors, hardwood doesn’t trap dust and keeps the air inside of a home cleaner. 

If a Doctor recommends wood floors for your home, you can even buy hardwood floors tax free! 

Living in homes with hardwood floors is also very family friendly because wood has more traction than other types of floors so slips and falls are less common for children and elderly people. Pets, another member of the family, also love wooden floors because, unlike carpet, fleas can’t lurk or lay eggs. 

Could hardwood floor installation in Leander TX be the right move for your home?

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