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If you are looking for custom wood floor installation in Leander TX, Arnold Custom has got you covered.

Whether you need hardwood floor installation or repair , vinyl flooring installation or repair, or laminate floor installation or repair, Arnold Custom has the expertise to get the job done.

We offer absolutely free quotes and consultation to start off any project. Our experts will guide you every step of the way from choosing the style and type of floor materials that will look best in your home, to providing expert advice on the care and upkeep of your floors for years to come.

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What Type of Flooring Is Best For Your Home?

  • Hardwood
  • Laminate
  • Vinyl Plank

Authentic hardwood floors are a high quality product manufactured from timber. The floors are made of planks and come in varies styles, colors, and cuts. There are two main structures for hardwood flooring solid and engineered hardwood.

Hardwood floors are top choice with homeowners because they can last for more than 20 years without needing replacement. Hardwood can be stained with many different shades and can be refinished many times to generally last a lifetime.

Hardwood floors are not recommended in areas where there is high humidity, since they are not waterproof. These floors are generally not recommended in homes with large pets, but scratches can be repaired depending on the hardness level.

Laminate flooring provides a hard surface that looks like hardwood or tile. Laminate flooring is usually 3/8 inch and can be installed over an existing hardwood, concrete, or tile floor as long as the floor underneath is level and relatively smooth. In addition, laminate floors have a melamine wear   layer which gives the floor protection against scratches.

Laminate floors are considered a floating floor that clicks into place. The material is made of recycled hardwood, and is not waterproof. Laminate is not recommended in areas of the home that tend to get wet or have high humidity, such as basements or bathrooms.

Vinyl plank flooring is an affordable option to get the natural beauty of hardwood floors or stone without the cost. It is a durable type of flooring that that can be installed over all types of subfloors.

Vinyl plank floors are ideal for high-traffic areas, such as busy homes or commercial properties.Their durability makes vinyl plank floors a good option for homes with pets.

Vinyl plank floors are water resistant and can be installed in virtually any room including kitchens and bathrooms.

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