Vinyl Plank Floor Installation in Leander TX

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Luxurious Vinyl Plank Floor Installation in Leander TX by Arnold Custom


PVC Polymer Vinyl plank floor installation sample for customers to choose the floor design within the copy space .A great alternative to hardwood is vinyl plank flooring. 

Vinyl floors come in a huge variety of colors and patterns so homeowners can appear to have great hardwood or stone floors while enjoying the perks of vinyl plank floor installation instead. 

Luxury vinyl plank flooring lives up to it’s name in many ways because vinyl flooring has been designed to give homeowners a life of comfort. Vinyl plank floors don’t get as cold as hardwood or stone floors do, so stepping out of bed on a cold morning won’t be something to dread. In-floor heating can also be installed underneath several vinyl plank flooring options, a luxury you can’t buy with the other floors.

Luxury Look Without the Luxury Price

Many homeowners want beautiful, luxurious floors, but don’t want the price tag or the maintenance that can come along with the decision to choose hardwood flooring

Don’t let the name luxury vinyl plank flooring fool you, while this floor has been designed for a life of luxury, it’s still one of the most cost efficient flooring options around! The price of vinyl planks combined with how low maintenance they are make them an instant hit for families everywhere. 

Unlike other floors, vinyl planks will never need to be sanded or refinished and only require sweeping and occasionally mopping to keep them looking great and in top condition.

Having strong floors is a feature that most people look for when shopping for a home, but hard floors can be really tough on one’s body. Installing vinyl plank flooring allows buyers to have floors in their homes that are incredibly durable and strong, but has also been designed to relieve pressure on the body. 

Vinyl flooring is backed with felt, so homeowners can get tasks done around the house for hours without feeling sore like they would if they were standing on tile, stone or hardwood all day long. Because vinyl plank floors are backed with felt, the surface of your floor will still feel very sturdy, but your chances of cracking a dropped dish or device is significantly lowered compared to other surfaces where glasses or phones are sure to shatter.

Quality Vinyl Plank Floor Installation is Timeless, Waterproof

Like most things in life, when you invest in better quality flooring, you’ll get a product that’s not only stronger, but longer lasting. 

Vinyl plank floors have been proven to last up to 20 years when they’ve been installed properly and maintained well. Over time, water damage rots hardwood floors, but vinyl floors are also 100% waterproof so they’re perfect for places in your home where water is prone to end up on the floor like the kitchen or your restrooms. 

Having floors that are waterproof also comes in handy during the rainy season when pets and family members leave trails of water every time they step inside, but it’s also a great feature to have when the unexpected happens like a pipe bursts or a child has a large spill that didn’t get completely wiped up. 

Keeping vinyl plank flooring in it’s best state is a breeze for homeowners and could be for you too. Does vinyl plank floor installation in Leander TX sound like something you’d invest in for your home?

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Vinyl plank floor installation in Leander TX