Laminate Floor Installation in Leander TX

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Benefits of Laminate Floor Installation by Arnold Custom

Color samples of laminate floor installation in leander txFor homeowners who don’t want a long drawn out installment process or who aren’t trying to spend a fortune on wood floors alone, laminate flooring may be the way to go. 

The decision to install laminate floors in your home is a decision that comes with a nice list of benefits. 

One of the reasons laminate floors are as popular as they are is because they are very, very durable. People living in homes with laminate floors won’t ever have to worry about stomping through the house in their sharpest high heels or scratching their floors rolling down the halls in their desk chairs. Even the claws of furry friends chasing one another through the house couldn’t scratch laminate flooring.

Your Laminate Floor Installation is Almost Accident Proof

Unlike many other floors, laminate floors are very stain resistant. Spills can be easily wiped up, and most stains can safely be removed with a cotton ball and acetone. Where carpets may stain and wood would be left scarred and peeling, laminate floors will shine like new and be completely damage free!

Another benefit to laminate floor installation is the way it responds to heat and direct sunlight. Laminate flooring is very burn resistant so installing it in areas of your home that may get toasty is no problem. 

Hardwood floor placed in front of a fireplace may warp and expand while vinyl flooring can melt or change color entirely. Laminate floor installation placed in front of fireplaces won’t be the cause of any issues with your flooring. Even if an ember from the fireplace were to fall on the floor and continue to burn for several seconds, there would be no discoloration or marks left behind. 

Laminate floors are UV ray resistant and remain the same color even after years of direct exposure to light from the sun. It is also guaranteed that laminate flooring won’t fade under carpet or furniture over time. Unlike hardwood floors, laminate flooring doesn’t split and create gaps when the climate, temperature and weather changes.

Laminate Floor Installation Styles and Textures

There are a variety of textures, styles, grades and widths to choose from when selecting which laminate floor installation you would like. 

Laminate floors often sport a very smooth finish, often called a “satin finish”. This makes the board appear shiny, especially when catching the light from a nearby window. Other types of laminate flooring are designed to appear more like real hardwood and have a scraped texture.

Homeowners find this kind of floor incredibly convenient because it’s significantly more affordable than hardwood floors, easy to maintain, and will never require any polishing, resurfacing or waxing like other floors would. 

Having floors that look like hardwood, but are stronger and more affordable is a great option. With laminate floors there’s no risk of gluing a piece in the wrong place or sawing something incorrectly. Planks for laminate floors just click together and require no nails, glue or sanding so you’ll never be exposed to harmful dust or toxic fumes during installation. These boards come apart just as easily and can be used over and over again! 

If a laminate floor installation in Leander TX sounds like a good option for your next installation, give Arnold Custom a call.

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